To live one’s life doing as little harm as possible.

What a beautiful world we would live in if we all remained mindful of this throughout our lives. It is impossible to cause no harm to others, its just part of life. I have caused plenty, not just in the aspects of physical harm, but emotional as well. I think the key is making a commitment from this point forward to cause as little harm as I can.

I believe the key to this is to take it one step further from not causing harm, and focusing on compassion towards all other beings. Until recently, when I heard the word compassion I thought of small acts of caring throughout your day, such as giving some spare money to someone without. I still believe these are acts of kindness which show compassion, but upon reflection I see true compassion as so much more. Its a permanent lifestyle, to put others first without any expectation of thank in return, a way of thought.

I don’t mean only gratuitousness through giving money or material possessions, but sharing the wholeness of yourself. Your grace, your love, you trust, you caring, your intellect; sharing your existence with all those you encounter.

We have all shared this generosity at some point in our life. I would be hard pressed to believe any one of us did not feel good for their being compassionate. “Selfless selfishness” I heard it referred to. That in helping others with no expectation of return we gain so much more than we could imagine, gains on a deeper level than we can fathom.

Its not an immediate change, but a process consisting of many cast of kindness, all which begin to change the way you approach things. The process for me has just begun and I know I have an amazing journey ahead.

So many statements have held power overtime and are as strong today as they were when first said. This shows that power every time I read it, so Ill leave you with it today:

“If you cant love King George V, say, or Sir Winston Churchill, start with your wife, or your husband, or your children. Try to put their welfare first and your own last every minute of the day and let your circle of love expand from there. As long as you are trying your very best, there can be no question of failure.” – Mahatma Gandhi


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